This wood insert with impeccable lines proposes a timeless style. Its high heat output, remarkable over several hours, and its unequaled efficiency will meet the expectations of experienced users of wood heaters. This unit can take logs up to 508 mm and is equipped with a variable speed fan. With emissions as low as 0.8 g/kg, this ecological heater will please those seeking efficiency and contemporary design. The Inspire 2000-I will certainly become the center of attention of your living room!

NOTE: If you wish to install a shelf above this unit, it must be made of non-combustible materials and it must be installed at least 1340 mm from the base of the unit. The shelf must be maximum 250 mm deep.

  • Model # : OB02040
  • Glass air-wash system
  • Baffle type : C-Cast
  • Controlled combustion
  • Color : Metallic black
  • Diameter of smoke pipe outlet : 150 mm
  • Optimum efficiency : 61%
  • Average particulate emissions rate : 0.8 g/kg
  • Thickness – Top : 8 mm
  • Moulded refractory bricks
  • Heating environment (m³) : 240 sq. m
  • Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion
  • Burn rate : 0.8g/kg
  • Maximum burn time : 6 - 8 h
  • Blower included
  • Constant view of the fire
  • Baffle type C-Cast

  • Diameter of smoke pipe outlet 150 mm

  • Firebox – dimension (Height) 303 mm

  • Firebox – dimension (Width) 540 mm

  • Firebox – dimension (Depth) 429 mm

  • Overall dimension (Height) 618 mm

  • Overall dimension (Width) 724 mm

  • Overall dimension (Depth) 565 mm

  • Door opening – dimension (Height) 211 mm

  • Door opening - dimension (Width) 508 mm

  • Optimum efficiency 61%

  • Average particulate emissions rate 0.8 g/kg

  • Thickness – Top 8 mm

  • Maximum log length 508 mm

  • Minimum fireplace opening (height) 622 mm

  • Minimum fireplace opening (Width) 784 mm

  • Minimum fireplace opening (depth) 530 mm

  • Shipping Weight 188 kg

  • Heating environment (m³) 240 sq. m

  • Glass surface – dimensions (Width X Height) 514 mm X 241 mm

  • Burn rate 0.8g/kg

  • Maximum burn time 6 - 8 h

  • Fuel type Dry cordwood

  • Door type Single, glass with steel frame

  • Glass type Ceramic glass

  • Firebox nominal volume (m³) 0,068 cu. m

  • Glass air-wash system Yes

  • Moulded refractory bricks Yes

  • Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion Yes

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